For $100,000: I Will Bang Karen Handel

Everyone knows who Karen Handel; it was her dumb idea to have Susan G Komen defund Planned Parenthood (saving my ass from unwanted pregnancy for ages) because they provide abortions. Well of cores everyone got all up in arms so Susan Komen backed off and Karen Handel quit.

Who can blame her; I mean look at Karen Handel she is M.I.L.F. age yet looks too much like Rosie O’Donnell. She is obviously jealous of women who are getting more dick than her. Everyday she is craving it but because of her looks no man is getting drunk to bang her.

It has to be hard being at her age and looking like Rosie O’Donnell while other M.I.L.F.’s are out getting laid or posting pics of them selves online for dudes to bate too.

So I will offer Karen Handel  this, for $100,000 I will bang her every night for a week and with that price tag it will include all needed stuff – by “needed stuff” I mean condoms and booze (can’t do this sober).  Best of all she will not have to wear a paper bag over her head during the banging.

Now this is a real hot MILF

Here are some things about me:
– I’m a stud
– I’m rich
– I have a 15inch penis
– I’m a master banger
– I could go all weekend
– I could do it asleep
– I could do it blacked out
– I could do it while playing Modern Warfare 3

Oh and any unwanted pregnancy must be aborted. And After each banging I need an hour break to piss, drink beer and play Modern Warfare 3.


About Donkey Punch

I rule and I love to talk about how awesome I am and about all the stuff I hate.

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