Alejandrina Cabrera tried again (and failed)

Alejandrina Cabrera tried again to get her fat ass on the ballot for city council in some shit-hole town in Arizona that is located next to the border.

But like every other court; the Arizona Supreme Court ruled since her dumb-ass can’t speak English, her fat ass can’t be on the ballot.

First I have to ask why hasn’t Sheriff Joe Arpaio knocked down the door and dragged her illegal fat-ass across the border were it belongs. In fact if Sheriff Joe Arpaio did his job right, their would be no language divide in San Lusis. Problem is you need a tank to drag her ass plus her fat ass could cause a horrible famine in Mexico for years to come.

Alejandrina Cabrera would not have this problem she actually learned the damn language. But no she is so stupid that she thought it was unnecessary just like how she thought it would be a good idea to be a mother at age 14. Yeah good job Alejandrina Cabrera, your one real rocket scientist.

Plus who would want to vote for her? She is so hideous that the amount of whiskey needed to make her attractive would even kill Charlie Sheen. This is why parents need to abort their stupid kids before shit like this happens.

Here are some of anti-Alejandrina Cabrera chants that should be used by her opponents:
– 73% of all food stamps in San Luis is used to feed Alejandrina Cabrera fat-ass
– Alejandrina Cabrera is so ugly, the amount of alcohol required to make her attractive would even kill Charlie Sheen
– Alejandrina Cabrera is so fat, she can’t tell if she is squeezing out pop or another baby
– Alejandrina Cabrera is so dumb, she dropped out of kindergarten
– Alejandrina Cabrera is ugly that her picture is declared a WMD (because its boner poison)

So to end another rant about Alejandrina Cabrera, I have collected photos of the hottest female politicians just to show that we never have to settle for ugly ones. While divers they all have something in common. They went to college (unlike Alejandrina Cabrera  GED), they know their native language (unlike Alejandrina Cabrera), and they did not get knocked up at age 14 (unlike Alejandrina Cabrera).

Eva Kaili - A member of the Greek Parliament

Yulia Tymoshenko - Former Prime Minister of Ukraine

Alina Kabaeva - Member of the Russian Duma

Vera Lischka - Member of Austrian Parliament

Pamela Geller - Conservative poltical activist and hot MILF


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